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How to Join

To be able to compete you will need to have a number of different documents and licences depending upon your age and stage – all of these can be obtained on the day of racing, but it is a good idea to join up before hand.

What you need to race:

Under 16’s

5 hours in the Junior coaching Logbook, club Membership, Racing Licence. Please note that riders need 5 Hours of Junior coaching in the cc of the bike they intend to race. Change CC’s means another 5 hours of training.


PVMCC holds regular Kick-start and Endorsement days, so keep an eye out on our Up & Coming Events to book into one of these coaching days. In addition Under 16’s are required to have a completed temporary guardianship form if their parent is unable to attend.

If you are under 16 years of age then you must have a log book (yellow book) to participate at any of our events, which is obtained from Motorcycling NSW after completing a kick-start training day with one of our coaches.


All PVMCC entry forms, licenses and club memberships are to be done via Ridernet. You will need to create a ridernet profile in order to use Ridernet. Go to Motorcycling Australia website and click on "get a licence". It will ask you to create a Ridernet profile. From here you will have access to entering any events available, aswell as apply for endorsements, licence upgrades, club memberships ect. 

Over 16’s

All entries and memberships are to be done online via ridernet. If you haven't already set up a profile you will need to do this in order to enter and also become a member of the Peel Valley Motorcycle club. Once your profile has been set up, you will need to become a member of the club it is then and only then it will allow you to enter the race. If you have any difficulties setting it up, you can ring MNSW and they will talk you through the process. 

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