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What you need to race


To compete in a race riders will need to have the following:

  • A race-safe bike

  • A race licence

For Junior riders under 16 you will need your Junior Logbook (Yellow Book) and have completed the 5 hours of training prior to the race.


Those who do not possess a race licence you can obtain a day licence to race at the evnt or a standard fee. You can also join the PVMCC on the day of the event.

For Riders - A club membership.

Motorcycling NSW


All competition activities are organised within the rules & guidelines of Motorcyling NSW (our affiliated body) and the Manual of Motorcycle Sport (Motorcycling Australia). For all information and rules regarding Licencing requirements, calendars of Officials Seminars, forms, Junior participation information and Getting started Info ect. Make sure you check out the website.  Link:

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